Quick Stats:

Name: Falora
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: March 17 (Pisces)
Status: Goddess Class C Unlimited
General Description: 4’9″ (145 cm), blond, with twin pigtails and a single thin braid tied with green thread running down her right temple, hazel eyes, and a slim figure. Her facial markings consist of two green wedges (which are more like triangular rings), one on each side at the top of her cheekbone, and four small green rings on her forehead between her eyebrows arranged to suggest a four-leaf clover. She wears two small gold cloverleaf earrings, one on each lobe, and has a third silver ring on the upper right of her left ear, on the helix.
Clothes: A silver swirl patterned blouse with short, flared sleeves and light green knee-length skirt. She also wears a gold hoop around her neck that has three smaller gold rings, three silver beads, and an emerald jewel charm hanging from it.


In General…

Myers-Briggs Type – ENFP

Falora exudes an honest, simple joy that makes her very pleasant to be around. Her previous optimism, liveliness and naivete have become more subdued, but her aura of purity and kindness hasn’t diminished despite the great tragedies she’s experienced. She also become more determined and occasionally assertive to a surprising degree, but never bossy.

Reactions to…

  1. Greetings/smalltalk/etc – She’ll initiate most conversations, but her topics are limited to what she knows. She treats everyone in a warm, respectful manner that makes you want to know her better. Overall, she’s the kind of person you’d want your children to make friends with.
  2. Hostility/violence/trouble – As an Incarnate, she faces very little direct exposure to danger. She will not hesitate to act if she needs to, especially to protect her friends, but otherwise she tries to avoid such situations unless they are part of her job.
  3. Romance – She knows about the birds and the bees, but being both immortal and immaterial she’s not interested, not even in experimentation.

Biographical Summary

As part of a bet between her father (the Devil) and Kami-sama, Falora and Forseti were adopted as Kami-sama’s children, but this matter was kept secret to them and everyone else.

Raised as a Goddess, Falora committed many blunders, but despite this, Kami-sama designated Falora as the next Goddess of Luck after the current one suffered a nervous breakdown. Falora moved to Capow to apprentice under another former Goddess of Luck—it’s a stressful job.

A few years later, her brother Forseti renounced his alliance with Nifelheim and placed himself under the mercy of Yggsadril, triggering the second half of the bet to begin. Falora subsequently undertook a Quest of Becoming in which her true father revealed himself to her, but she chose to remain a Goddess through many trials and temptations.

Character Design and/or Personality Influences:

  • Ah! Megamisama!
  • The Bible
  • Exalted: The Sidereal
  • Mihoshi (Tenchi Muyo!)
  • Makamichi Misao (Rurouni Kenshin)
  • Princess Peach (Super Mario RPG)