Quick Stats:

Name: Celeste
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Birthday: December 9 (Sagittarius)
Status: Magical Companion/Guardian/Familiar and Anthropomorphic Talking Owl
General Description: In the Silver Millenium, she was a beautiful calico cat, but now, she’s a plain-looking barn owl except for her iridescent wing tips and green eyes with purple speckles, as well as a crescent moon-shaped mark in the middle of her forehead. Like the other Lunar cats, she does have a human form, but she’s never used it, not even in her past life.
Clothes: Brown and white mottled feathers.


In General…

Myers-Briggs Type – ISTJ

Reactions to…

  1. Greetings/smalltalk/etc – Doesn’t talk to you unless she has reason to trust you, and even then she prefers to get straight to the point.
  2. Hostility/violence/trouble – She acts, first and foremost, to protect Athena and the other Senshi, and secondly, in self defense.
  3. Romance – She’s a cat stuck in an owl’s body. I don’t think she has much of an opportunity for romance. Besides, she still has some feelings for Artemis.

Biographical Summary

Like Luna and Artemis, Celeste was born on the planet of Mao, but was inducted into the Queen’s palace at a young age to serve her and the various Princesses. When Celeste became of age, she was adopted by Queen Metis of Minerva as a friend for her daughter Athene. Unlike the other two cats, she did not lose any of her memory after the fall of the Silver Millennium, but she was reborn as an owl instead. As she adjusted to her new life, she decided that it was better to wait for Athene to awaken on her own instead of actively seeking her out. After becoming reunited, Celeste resumed her role of both guardian and familiar.
Character Design and/or Personality Influences:

  • Sailor Moon