Quick Stats:

Name: Adam Anderson
Gender: Male
Age: Mid to late forties
Birthday: December 21 (Sagittarius)
Status: Annoying Jerk, STRA Covert Operations Agent (Designation: Alpha)
General Description: Somewhere around 6’10” (208 cm), decently chiseled and very angular. Has long dark brown hair tied in a low ponytail and deep set brown eyes that he occasionally covers with shades, but only when he’s sure he won’t get punched. He doesn’t shave often, so he sports a pretty rough 5-o’clock shadow. He doesn’t make an effort to hide or show off the scars that are visible.
Clothes: Dark pants, white/off-white dress shirt. Outfits consist of coats, leather, gloves, boots, and/or some combination thereof. Wears a small platinum loop on his left earlobe. Almost always has a long sheathed sword strapped diagonally across his back.


In General…

Myers-Briggs Type – ISTP

Cynical and bitter to the max. Believes in nothing and no one but himself. Possesses biting wit as well as a morbid sense of humor. Doesn’t give a damn about anything other than what he happens to consider as important at the moment, whether that be survival, convenience, pleasure, etc. He does, however have one semi-noble cause, and that is to eliminate corruption and hypocrisy wherever he happens to come across it. (Because of issues with his son, he has no tolerance for people who are insincere.) Recently, he’s started to grow a bit of a soft spot, but he still doesn’t let it out in public often.

Reactions to…

  1. Greetings/smalltalk/etc – He’ll probably brush you off unless he feels it’s absolutely necessary to interact with you, and even then he’ll treat you like you have an IQ of 5. Should you somehow manage to win his (grudging) respect, he’d probably rather die than admit it.
  2. Hostility/violence/trouble – Being a tad on the lazy side, he’s usually content to let his reputation proceed him. He prefers to use the most efficient and effective way of solving the problem, and if that involves killing someone, then so be it. On the other hand, if he’s got a lot of frustration to vent, then he can be quite sadistic and downright cruel.
  3. Romance – His general attitude to flirting can be summed thusly: Get To The Point or Shut Up. He doesn’t mind the occasional one-night stand(s), but that’s about it; he lacks the inclindation to go for anything more long term than that. Forget raising kids, he hates them. Oh, and if you’re gay, too bad. He isn’t.

Biographical Summary

Adam had been openly enjoying life on the “wrong” side of the law as the head of a crime syndicate (influence variable, depending on who you ask) until his son overthrew him in a surprisingly–or perhaps not, given how unpopular he was even with his own cronies–bloodless coup. Desperate and on the run from both his enemies and the law, he signed a deal with the STRA through Shelly McLaughlin, who despite gaining semi-mythical status as the poster child for what an STRA agent should be like was looking for an appropriate successor.

As she expected, Adam immediately began his long crusade to take down the crime empire he had witnessed and helped build, both to take revenge for his son’s betrayal and expose the STRA’s hypocrisy. Some time after Shelly’s death, Adam publicly released the accumulated evidence they had gathered on the connections between the law and the outlawed. The resultant outcry and subsequent collapse of the STRA nearly cost Adam his life, but he managed to survive with the help of some like-minded sympathizers.

Character Design and/or Personality Influences:

  • Hellboy (Hellboy)
  • Hiko Seijurou (Rurouni Kenshin)
  • Inu-Yasha (Inu-Yasha)
  • Madmartigan (Willow)
  • Ryoji Kaji (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Son Wukong (Journey to the West)
  • Vegeta (Dragon Ball)
  • Wolverine (X-Men)