Title: Amy Goes Shopping
Plot, or Lack Thereof: What it says.
Reason for Banishment: Weak characterization, uninteresting execution of premise.

It began as a normal day: Serena, under the prodding of her mother, was attempting to understand her lessons (and failing at it).

And then the phone rang.


“Serena? It’s me, Amy.”

“Oh, hi! What’s up?”

“I was wondering, could you go to the mall with me?”

“WHAT?” Serena nearly dropped the phone.

“I want to do some shopping, and I need someone to help me pick stuff out.”

“Um, I think Mina might be able to help you better.”

“Mina’s busy or something, because I called her house and no one answered.” Serena thought she heard some muffled giggling in the background, but it was too faint to tell for sure.  Besides, there was a more important issue at hand: Amy wanted to go shopping!

Something was going on for sure.

“Okay,” Serena paused, making some quick calculations, “meet me at the mall in about five minutes.”


Serena lost no time in seeking out Amy among the crowd of shoppers.   After a while, she finally saw her─without her books.

“Amy? Is that really you?” She managed to ask.

“Of course it is, silly! Now, let’s go shopping.”


Serena wasn’t very much help to Amy at all; the clothes she picked out were perfect.  The one thing that she could to was hold the growing number of bags as we went from store to store .

Could it be Greg that’s causing such a big change in her? Serena wondered as they visited yet another store.  Amy had first met Greg while the Scouts were still looking for the Rainbow Crystals.  Greg had the ability to see into the future, and he knew that he would be controlled by evil, but Amy encouraged him to make his own destiny.  They had been inseparable ever since─but Serena had only seen them study together.  Maybe Greg and Amy were dating each other in secret.

Serena shook her head a few times to clear it.  What in the world was she thinking? Amy─the most perfect bookworm in the world─in love? But what else would explain her unusual behavior today? Serena could not think of anything else.

“Okay.” Amy picked up another bag.  “I think I’m about ready to head home.  Thanks for coming.”

“It was nothing.” Serena replied, still trying to figure out what Amy was up to .


As the two girls neared Amy’s house she stopped.

“What’s the matter?” Serena asked.

“Stay here for a minute.” Amy responded.  She ran into the house, then came back out after a few seconds.

“Is something wrong?” Amy shook her head.

“No, nothing.”

When Amy opened the door and let Serena in, the living room lights were turned on.

“SURPRISE!” The Sailor Scouts shouted.  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

“Huh? Today’s my birthday?” Serena thought hard.  “That’s right! It is!”

“You forgot your own birthday?” Amy teased.  Serena blushed.

“It was because I was distracted by you!” She retorted.  “That shopping thing was a whole ploy to get me out of the house, wasn’t it?”

“Well, not quite.”

“Aha! So I was right! You and Greg are going out!”

Amy smiled.   “No, not Greg; someone else.”

Serena was wondering who that ‘someone else’ was when Chibi-Usa piped up.  “Hey! Let’s have the cake already!”

“Sure! But first, we need to sing.” Rei ran to the piano and struck a note.   Everyone began to sing.

“Happy Birthday to you!”