Silliness ensues in the Rurouni Kenshin world
Warriors did the best they could to adapt to the new age.
It was Fujita Goro’s job to keep them in line if they couldn’t.
Something somewhere was having a horrid time this morning.
He could feel it…The disturbance was so great that Hiko Seijuro, amidst his morning meditations could feel it from his mountain perch outside Tokyo…
In his distress, Shinomori Aoshi mangled a poor bonsai. Megumi was not amused.

Many converged on the source of this great outpouring of an outraged ki, upon the place known to the city of Tokyo as the “Akabeko”.
All except for that one. He couldn’t be bothered.
Enishi: Whatever.

Tae, it seems, had decided to enforce a new uniform code.
The temporary help was not pleased.
(oro oro oro oro oro oro oro orororororororororo)

For that matter, neither was the crowd.

Saitou (thinking): Aku Sou Zan. Aku Sou Zan. Aku Sou Zan. Aku Sou Zan.

28,000 kiriban in honor of the crack that was Meiji Restored1. s-girl 2007

  1. Online improvisational journal-based roleplay set in the ‘Verse of Rurouni Kenshin