Before either man could contemplate escaping, Phoenix’s mother answered the door, her surprise quickly giving way to understanding, and then amusement. “Nicholas Benjamin Wright.”

Phoenix flushed. “I like Phoenix.”

She scoffed. “We named the dog Phoenix.”

Miles bit back a laugh. “You named yourself after a dog.”

“He was family,” mother and son replied simultaneously, her eyes glittering with mirth and his fixed to a spot on the floor. She turned her attention to him next. “And you must be Miles Edgeworth.”

He nodded. “Ma’am.”

Her hand darted out to pinch his cheek. “Ooh, you are adorable! I approve.”


Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
I wouldn’t be too surprised if Phoenix was actually named such by weird parents, but with the new Indiana Jones movie coming out I was inspired to abuse a quote out of The Last Crusade.