“Hey, there, beautiful!” Johnny tipped his hat. “What’s your name?”

I-No flicked the pirate a lidded glance. “I-No.”

Johnny flashed his most charming smile. “Well, of course you know your name, darlin’! I’d like to know it, too!”

I-No frowned. “Are you deaf? I said ‘I-No’, not ‘I know’.”

Johnny leaned forward, draping an arm over I-No’s shoulder so that his fingers were a hair’s breadth from brushing her chest. “Oh, playing hard to get, huh? I suppose next you’ll tell me that Who’s on first?”

I-No teleported out of reach, summoning her guitar. “What?”

“No, sweetie, What plays second.”

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
Yeah, her name’s pronounced “EE-no”, but punnage is fun.