Many wondered what the wife of the Crouching Dragon was like.

“Surely she has to be hideous, or a harridan, or miserable and lonely!”

“Surely the heavens are not so unjust as to grant Kongming a woman who is as lovely as she was wise, one who could be both his equal and companion!”

“Surely with great genius came equally great tragedy, especially concerning issues of home life!”

The stranger tipped his hat at the gossiping farmers as he passed, hiding a small smile.

They had no idea how fortunate he truly was to have a woman such as her.

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
History does not record much on Huang Yüe Ying; tradition has it that she’s ugly, both on the inside and out.
While Zhuge Liang’s nickname is generally translated as “Sleeping Dragon” in the fansites that I’ve seen, I used “Crouching Dragon” instead, because I felt it to be more fitting.