He was a marshmallow.

Even surrounded by her best bodyguards, the lightest breeze or twitch of a branch sent him into shivering panic.

His swordsmanship stank.

He could put on a good show, but when it came to actual combat even she could best him. He’d also started to gain some fat around his waist.

He needed her, the princess who had nothing but an arranged marriage to show for all her martial arts training.

On that day, with her brother’s armies behind her and the raging River before, she made her decision.

She would be his, now and forevermore.

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
According to folk tradition, Sun Shang Xiang pined for Liu Bei after she was tricked into returning to Wu, and committed suicide upon hearing of his death at Bai Di Castle. (Chinese literature loves a good melodrama.)