Legato was wondering how to kill the townspeople he’d summoned before him when Her voice sounded in his mind.

/What are you doing?/

He blinked. The other Plant Angels didn’t ever speak to him. /Freeing you. They’ll never harm you again./

/What are you talking about?/

/They were taking your life-force./

/It was my choice!/

He frowned. Clearly, she’d been brainwashed. /They deserve to die. Knives-sama said so./

She began to cry. /So it’s true, then. He won’t stop until he’s killed them all./

He didn’t answer.

She was likewise silent for a long time. /Don’t make them suffer./

/Very well./

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress’ Notes:
I fangirl over Legato, too, but honestly, he’s irrevocably insane; and even if he could come to some sort of sense, Knives would never let him out of the Gun Ho Guns alive.